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Memorial Day Traditions

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Do you have Memorial Day traditions? Actually, we don't. July 4th seems to have its usual rhythm: Brookfield parade or auto show at Holz in the morning and fireworks at Elm Grove Park in the evening. But somehow with Memorial Day nothing has clicked.

Maybe this year we will catch the 10:30 AM parade in Elm Grove since we live close by. There is also that wreath ceremony at a Civil War Soldier's grave at Oak Hill Cemetery.  I noticed at the Elm Grove Library a flier for a pre-parade pancake breakfast at the Elm Grove Women's Club. These are at least some Memorial Day options. What I don't like to see are holidays that become just an excuse for retailers to hold special sales.

While driving today, I caught a bit of Vicki McKenna's show. She suggested watching some good patriotic movies this Memorial Day weekend. Listeners called in with their favorites and she posted a list.  I thought that was a good idea--especially if the weather is chilly. Memorial Day, after all, is about remembering those soldiers who died to protect our rights, liberate others, and make our country free.

I stopped at the library to get a few good movies and found one not on her list. It is D-Day with Robert Taylor, Richard Todd and Edmond O'Brian. I have never seen it.

I was hoping to find The Lost Battalion, a HBO movie, based on a true story, with Rick Schroder. That one I did see before and thought it excellent. It is very bloody, but tells of the amazing courage of one man who just refused to give up. His perseverance to hold the territory in the Argonne Forest resulted in defeating the Germans. He portrayed a very godly man who was just set on doing the job given to him. I love to read or watch movies of ordinary people who do courageous things.

Another good movie on the list is the Tuskegee Airmen. This movie was very interesting because it told of the first squadron of Black Airmen during WWII and the prejudice they encountered. These men were real heroes and if memory serves correctly, earned the reputation of best support fliers for the bomber squads. Look for them the next time you are at the library.

Please share any of your favorite movies or traditions. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend and if you are a person of faith, take a moment to thank God for the brave men and women who gave their lives to make us and others free.


Don't forget the Music Concert to Benefit Chinese Quake Victims, Saturday, May 31st, 10AM - 1PM, Brookfield Civic Plaza


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